The beginning — A short History of Airsoft

Airsoft started in Japan in the mid-1970s but the story starts before that. By the end of WW2, citizens were no longer permitted to carry firearms so they turned to purchasing replica firearms that, at that stage, had no purpose other than to seem like the actual thing.

Continuing on to the 70s, replica guns were made to fire projectiles, little BB pellets, by means of a spring-loaded system that allowed the people of Japan to purchase a weapon which could mimic the sense of firing a gun in addition to copying the look.

While the skirmish sites were not really there at the point in time, these people now had an chance to play with their buddies using these secure replica weapons, marking the beginning of Airsoft as a pastime.

Growth in Popularity

The growth in popularity among Japanese citizens was noticeable and businesses in Japan soon latched onto it and started to create a market for these weapons.

Airsoft grew further as Japan started exporting to other countries in Asia such as Korea, Taiwan and China, all of which had strict gun laws also. The 1980s saw improvements in the design of replica weapons and the technologies utilized to propel pellets towards somebody else.

Gas-powered guns, those who have a blowback ability, came in to increase the speed of the shot and still be safe to use against opponents. It was during the 80s which Airsoft’s popularity started to spread outside of Asia, reaching the UK and US markets.

Cultural factors

Many in the UK and the US welcomed the notion of Airsoft where folks could shoot each other with realistic feeling and looking firearms. They could do so without ending up with bruises that were the situation for its fairly new and popular battle simulation of paintball. Action films brought forward the notion of an action hero who depended on an arsenal of guns to take down the bad guys.

War history fans, whether through film, documentaries or books, would have gained an interest and understanding of the firearms used throughout history that these replicas could reliably imitate.

The 2000s saw a boom in the amount of video games published regarding war that introduced players to several of the famous brands of pistols and rifles like the Desert Eagle and the AK47.

A lot of people wanted to feel like an action hero, a solider or like they were enjoying with a real-life video game and Airsoft gave people this opportunity without being at all.

Growing of Airsoft inventory

As the market started to grow, people’s interest in a gun’s appearance and capacity grew as individuals sort to not just play Airsoft as a hobby but also to spend time and money into purchasing Airsoft guns and accessories that suited their requirements. From the 90s, Tokyo Marui invented the first electric gun, the AEG, to enhance the speed of fire further.

Since that time, guns are built and designed with several features, together with customisation options, for people to find everything they want from their gun.

Airsoft today

Airsoft has grown on a worldwide scale with Asia, North America and Europe, in particular, embracing it with a enormous number of sites selling Airsoft guns worldwide.

Virtually every European nation has skirmish sites while the UK currently boasts over 150 of these. It’s a popular market that’s still growing with no indications of its prevalence stalling or declining anytime in the not too distant future.

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